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Solid Laundry Soaps Save Businesses Money

The Benefits of Wash N Bleach Extra 2 for your Business

It’s an odd concept at first. Solid laundry detergents seem to just add a step to the whole clothes cleaning process because it requires a specially made dispenser. But all kinds of businesses from hog farms to hotels and medical labs are using solid laundry detergents, and the reasons are pretty simple: It prevents employee theft and it is less messy.

Stealing Detergent: More Common Than You’d Think

That’s going to sound a little petty. How bad can a few people pocketing some laundry soap every now and then really get? People would have to steal a lot of soap for it become a serious enough loss for a business to invest in anti-theft devices, right?

Well, as it happens, America is a global leader in employee theft. According to Fortune magazine, “dishonest employees” can account for up to 43% of lost revenue in retail stores. And laundry detergent has become a big part of that percentage. New York Magazine dropped a piece a few years back investigating why Tide became one of the biggest targets of theft of the decade. Apparently Tide had become a form of currency on the black market, making it such a popular target that some retailers actually started putting security devices on larger bottles. In some cases, stores were losing up to $15,000 a month.

The short explanation of how this phenomenon came about is that laundry detergent is easy to resell, it isn’t perishable, and it never becomes obsolete. The real drive behindthe economics of it, though, is that everyone uses laundry soap. Whether they’re drug dealers looking to trade or just someone looking for a way to cut down on monthly costs, there’s actually a lot of incentive for people to steal soap.

Now, it would be rude to say that your employees are stealing, but, statistically speaking, if their daily tasks include using soap, some of them are definitely stealing from you. It is likely that if your employees are stealing laundry soap, it is for personal use, and not to trade on the black market, but even personal use can add up to significant costs over time.

How Solid Laundry Detergent Solves the Problem

This is the kind of thing that birthed the invention of soaps like Wash ‘N Bleach Extra 2 Solid. Basically the soap is formed into a hard tablet and sealed into a container. After that the only way to transfer the soap into the washing machine is through specialized dispensers like the Superbowl Solid Soap Dispenser. Without that, the soap is useless so employees will be far less likely to line their pockets with it.

Other Ways Wash ‘N Bleach Extra 2 Solid Soap Helps

Even though it was made because of employee theft, the dispenser system has a few other positive side effects. It cuts down on the mess since the soap is transferred directly into the washing machine from the loaded dispenser instead of dumped in from a cup. It also makes the measurements much more precise, since it’s almost all done by machine, so you’re always using the exact amount of soap you need for every load. Ultimately what you end up with is a much more efficient and professional way of washing laundry.

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