The Improbable Future of GMO in Hog Farming

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Two pigs grazing in field. Picture taken in Ciudad Real Province, Spain

Genetic Modification has a lot of Potential, Especially in the Hog Industry.

The National Academy of Science released its study on the effect of GMO on humans, finding no significant evidence that it’s bad for us at all. This drops in the middle of an already contentious issue in which most mainstream science insists there’s nothing wrong with genetically modified foods while hosts of worried consumers and professors call for more studies and stricter regulations. We are not interested in jumping in the middle of this war, but we will make flagrant, uneducated predictions of what genetic modification could bring us in the future, but probably won’t.

Disease-Immune Hogs

pig with blue gauze bandage isolated on white

This one is actually more or less a reality as the University of Missouri has been working on a solution to the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus that’s been wreaking havoc on the hog industry for decades. The erasure of PRRS would be huge for farmers, but it’s also a precedent for future research, so we won’t have to rack our brains over things like the drug list for the Veterinary Feed Directive. That being said, it will be an uphill battle to get something like a gene-spliced pig to be accepted onto the market, so even the PRRS-resistant pig is a distant possibility.

Flying Pigs

a flying pig

Nothing in the science says this is possible, and we’re not really sure what practical purpose it could possibly have. We would just like to see pigs finally fly, if for no other reason than to prove a point. We’d also like scientists to look into talking pigs so we can re-enact the 90′ classic and arguably best movie of all time, Babe. But that’s another discussion entirely.

Hogs That Don’t Smell

cartoon smelly pig

This frankly makes us uneasy. If pigs didn’t smell, we here at Hog Farm Laundry Soap¬†would lose businesss, but the thought of a hog farm without the constant stink coming from the lagoons and pens is still pleasant. That’s not likely to happen… ever, so you’ll have to put up with the smell and get the hog stink off your clothes yourself. But feel free to dream with us.

chick and pig on a white background
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