Hog Farm Laundry Soap is a non-chlorine detergent that cleans your work laundry more efficiently and effectively without contaminating waste water with caustic chemicals.

We know the words “chlorine-free” and “enzyme-based” might raise some questions about efficacy, so let’s clear up a few myths about washing clothes:

Myth Reality
High alkalinity (caustic) is needed for cleaning. The proper use of surfactants and phosphates is far more effective. High alkalinity destroys enzymes which are beneficial to laundering. High alkalinity is corrosive and dangerous to handle and causes severe degradation of pollster fibers.
You must use lots of chlorine to get fabrics white. Unless you use chlorine in a separate bleach cycle you will destroy the fluorescent whitening agent in the detergent and will lead to greying and yellowing. The separate bleach cycle is very expensive in terms of water and energy to heat the water and unnecessary run-time on the laundry machine.
Oxygen is an expensive way to bleach. When you consider lost time in a separate bleach cycle required by chlorine, the harsh effect chlorine has on cottons and the fact that oxygen in Beacon Labs Wash ’N Bleach EXTRA is specially activated so that it can work at temperatures as low as 100° F, Oxygen turns out to be a bargain and does a better job on whites and colors.
A four or five product system is required to do laundry properly. Wash ’N Bleach EXTRA solid laundry detergent for the most part can be used as the sole product in many instances. For those who are on concerned about having an acid pH in the laundry and a softener, small amounts of Balance Solid/Soft can be utilized.



  • Do your washing and bleaching in one operation.
  • Safe for use on all fabrics including wool.
  • Contains 3 specially bioengineered enzymes which dissolve oil, grease and remove stains like lipstick, chocolate, and grass.
  • Is effective in wash temperatures as low as 100° F.
  • Forms two powerful antimicrobial compounds in the wash water which kill harmful bacteria frequently found on linens in hospitals and nursing homes.
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