Superbowl Solid Soap Dispenser


This dispenser is a one time purchase to use the Wash ‘N Bleach 2 Solid. It comes with installation instructions, and there is a hotline for installation help. This dispenser was designed for businesses such as animal hospitals, medical labs, hog farms, dentist offices and other commercial facilities to diminish employee theft of laundry detergent and to decrease the mess created by powder and liquid laundry soaps.


Because the Superbowl Solid Soap Dispenser is required to dispense the Wash N Bleach Solid 2 laundry soap employees are far less likely to “borrow” laundry soap for personal use. It also is more convenient to use than conventional laundry detergents.


Installation service is available for this product if you would prefer to have it installed professionally. Please email us or call us at (417)237-0129 for an installation quote.


Buy online or oder over the phone: (417) 237-0129, Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM EST.



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