Do Your Hog Farm Coveralls Still Smell After You Have Washed Them?

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Remove The Odor Without Bleach

Hog farms tend to not be the best smelling establishments in the farming world, and those smells have a tendency to embed themselves into clothing and stubbornly refuse to leave. Typical chlorine bleaches do a pretty good job of removing the smell, but they have been getting farmers in trouble with the E.P.A.

Wash ‘N Bleach Extra 2 is a detergent that will clean, deodorize, and disinfect clothing that is used on hog farms. It will make the clothing cleaner, remove the Hog smell always left on the coveralls, towels, wash cloths used on hog farms. Without the harmful effects of chlorine bleach currently being used in the industry to kill bugs on clothing.

Wash ‘N Bleach Extra 2 has the same bleaching capability as common chlorine bleach has, except it is not chlorine bleach, which is harmful for the environment and shortens the life service of your clothing including coveralls, towels, and wash cloths, thereby saving you on clothing and towel replacement cost.

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