3 Reasons You Don’t Want Your Laundry to Smell Pretty

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Clean laundry should have no smell.

Is clean laundry supposed to smell like chemicals?

Just Because Your Laundry Has a Flowery Odor Doesn’t Mean It’s Clean

We’ve come to associate the idea of cleanliness and freshness with the battery of synthetic scents many companies pump into their laundry detergent. While making your clothes smell like a cool spring day is a nice thought, that scent doesn’t really help you get your clothes any cleaner. And what is a cool spring day supposed to smell like anyway? Wet dirt?

In fact, there are many reasons you don’t want your detergent to be scented:

Scent Sensitivity

There is a percentage of people who are much more sensitive to smells than others to the point that it actually triggers allergies or makes them feel nauseated. Extreme cases are known as hyperosmia and the ADA actually considers it a disability because of the extent to which it can interfere with someone’s ability to perform their job. One of their recommendations to employers when someone has this is to request that employees use fragrance-free products, including deodorant and laundry soap.

You Can’t Tell How Clean Your Laundry Is

The more nothing you smell on your clothes, the cleaner you know they are. That’s not to say those perfumed detergents aren’t cleaning your clothes, but they do interfere with your ability to determine just how clean your clothes are actually getting. When you’re perfuming your laundry it gets a lot harder to tell if your clothes are coming out musty which is a sign of bacteria build up within the machine, or that your detergent just isn’t finishing the job.

You’re Paying for Useless Chemicals

Smelling “nice” has nothing to do with smelling clean. Any added scents in the formula of your laundry detergent is just led weight on the scales. Everything companies put in a detergent to create a fragrance isn’t doing anything to remove dirt or bacteria. It’s purely cosmetic. It’s fine if you like that extra smell. Some people cook bacon just because they like the smell. No one blames you for wanting your clothes to smell like a bag of lemons (or bacon), just be aware that you’re paying extra for it and that the scent just isn’t doing your clothes any good.

Remember, true clean smells like nothing.

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